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Photo Jan Vayne Color Big – Download (ZIP, 1,4 Mb)

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General Conditions – Vayne Music BV – Download (PDF, 6 Kb)

From the Press

Jan Vayne is known worldwide as a virtuoso, who creatively uses the Romantic Style of the Great Composers of our time. He manages to seamlessly weave together breathtaking improvisational ingenuity with all the different styles of music into one sparkling performance. He studies piano and organ at the Conservatorium and finishes it in 1991 with “Distinction”.
Jan Vayne becomes nationally renowned with his first album :”Colours of my mind”, awarded with platinum.

His international breakthrough follows when- in 1997- he gives a stunning recital at the inauguration of the new President of USA: Bill Clinton. Since then Jan Vayne has created many new albums and concertseries- at times in collaboration with other well-known musicians. His creativity and genuity are constantly rejuvenated.

He is powering his way through an extensive solo career. Keep following him!”

General Conditions Vayne Music BV

Contractor 1: Vayne Music BV
Contractor 2: Employer

  1. C.1: Is to ensure that agreed services will be managed in the best possible manner at agreed times.
  2. C.2: Is financially responsible for the availability of a well-tuned Grand Piano, unless stated differently;
  3. C2: Is responsible for a heated dressing-room to be used by Jan Vayne(and other musicians where needed);
  4. C.2: Is responsible for the sound- and lightequipment, unless stated differently;
  5. C.2: Is to ensure that during the given concert no sound- or visual recordings are made of Jan Vayne and/or other artists unless stated differently by C.1;
  6. C.2: Is to ensure that all licenses required by law for the concert are obtained and that the space used for the event does apply to all requirements set out in the particular licenses;
  7. C.2: Is responsible for handing over the Copyrights of C.1;
  8. C.1: Holds the right to either cancel or postpone the concert (after proper consultation with C.2) in the event of radio- and/or TV-recordings of Jan Vayne and/or connected recordings;
  9. In the event of cancellation (incl. death of a member of the Royal Family) by a Governing body , one of the Contractors is obliged- if not kept to any of these agreements- to pay at least once the agreed amount of the contracted concert to the other Contractor.
  10. C.1: Is excercising the right to either before, during or after the concert the sale of merchandise in the space of the contracted event, unless stated differently;
  11. Unless specifically agreed in writing, payment via electronic transfer should take place 7 days prior to the scheduled date of performance. If payment of fees is incomplete, no performance will take place.

Vayne Music BV

Prins Johan Frisostraat 8
1396 KB Baambrugge
The Netherlands

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